Services to see your exposure more clearly

Without an accurate and complete view of your potential risk, managing your exposure effectively can be daunting. But guiding your organization across the ever-changing risk landscape doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Marsh McLennan Agency helps you cut through the complexity of government regulations, legal requirements, and evolving technologies so you can see your potential exposure and the impact it could have on your business with complete clarity.

When you want to identify, quantify, and reduce risk—no matter which direction it comes from—our comprehensive range of world-class risk services ensure you have all the resources in place to manage your risk with confidence.

Business Insurance Risk Services: Everything you need to minimize risk & maximize health

The earlier you identify risk, the more effectively you can manage claims, reduce costs, and improve your overall compliance. Our Business Insurance Risk Services offers a comprehensive range of programs, services and solutions designed to minimize risk and maximize health across your entire organization.

Employee Health & Benefits Risk Services:
A holistic approach to managing risk

The days of simply providing basic health insurance plans to your employees are over. Your employees don’t just need a benefits program, they need programs that provide real value.

Marsh McLennan Agency has an arsenal of experts and service offerings designed to provide innovation solutions and healthy programs onsite for organizations.

Frequently asked questions

Marsh McLennan Agency’s risk management consultants assist in safeguarding your business against potential losses arising from common industry risks. These risks encompass financial uncertainties due to market fluctuations, legal liabilities, technical disruptions, or management errors. We pinpoint potential threats your company faces and gauge their impact on your earnings. Collaboratively, we design a risk management plan, including internal quality controls and guidance on suitable insurance options.

Some industries, especially international business, inherently face more risks, but liability and property risks affect all businesses. Prioritize assessing general business risks before pinpointing the most critical operational risk to determine the services that would benefit you the most. Most companies can benefit from protection against financial, employee, and common liabilities, with asset definition tailored to your industry niche. We ensure you consult with an experienced risk management consultant specialized in your industry.

Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential hazards to your business. 

  • Risk Identification: This step entails surveys, industry research, and interviews to identify expectable risks.
  • Risk Assessment: Your consultant assesses risk likelihood, considering your business’s uniqueness.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies: Strategies are chosen based on the type of risk, including avoidance, control, reduction, retention, or transfer.
  • Claims Advocacy: We guide you through the claims process, ensuring fairness from reporting to settlement.
  • Risk Monitoring and Communication: Regularly review and update safety protocols and communicate changes with partners. 

We offer tailored packages, including benchmarking, business continuity, compliance, strategic assessment, workforce strategies, and more. 

While cost is a consideration, remember that investing in risk management protects your company from substantial financial losses. Our consultants factor in various variables, including the number of vulnerabilities, organization size, location, and industry-specific needs, to determine the price of risk management services.