The manufacturing industry is known for its diverse range of risks and specific needs. At Marsh McLennan Agency, our manufacturing practice has the knowledge to help navigate these challenges faced by manufacturing businesses across various sectors.

Tailored insurance solutions for manufacturers

Whether you are a small manufacturer or large, Marsh McLennan Agency offers a comprehensive range of expertise and solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of the manufacturing industry.

Workers’ Compensation

It is important for manufacturing businesses to protect employees in case of work-related injuries or illnesses. Our team can assist you in understanding state specific workers’ compensation requirements and tailor a policy that meets your business needs.

Supply Chain/Business Income

To identify critical dependencies and resources, we provide guidance on how to make informed decisions that mitigate risks and effectively address potential threats to your supply chain.

International Expertise & Network

We deliver cost-effective, multinational solutions tailored to manufacturer’s global operations by leveraging our deep expertise, intimate knowledge of local insurance requirements, and a unified operating structure in partnership with Marsh.

Private Equity

We offer solutions specifically designed for private equity firms and their portfolio companies, including transactional risk insurance, directors and officer liability coverage, and cyber risk management.

Employee Health & Benefits

With our employee benefits expert’s knowledge in the manufacturing industry, we offer customized employee benefits plan tailored for your organization. Our comprehensive solutions include health insurance, retirement plans, and wellness programs to prioritize your employees’ well-being to attract and retain top talent. We have also created our EnrollSMART solution that works with manufacturing organizations to offer assistance with the employee benefit enrollment experience. Compliance with federal rules and regulations for employee health benefits apply to employers of all types and sizes. Our compliance consulting team has the expertise to help manufacturing employers understand the unique aspects of these rules as they relate to what you do.

What sets us apart

From safety to wellness, insurance solutions and beyond—the future of your manufacturing business is limitless with MMA Midwest.

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Manufacturing insurance coverages

MMA offers a range of specialized coverages for the manufacturing industry that provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of manufacturers.

Product Liability

This coverage provides protection for manufacturers from legal claims due to any damages or injuries caused by defects in your products. Whether it’s a manufacturing error or design flaw, our policies are designed to safeguard you from financial burden.

Stock Throughput

A seamless coverage for goods in transit throughout the world, including at worldwide locations for the purpose of manufacturing, assembly, storage, and distribution.

Mechanical Breakdown

Manufacturers can have a peace of mind knowing that they are protected against unforeseen events such as equipment failures, malfunctions, or breakdowns. Our policy covers the cost of repairs, or replacements, minimizing the financial impact of your manufacturing company.

Product Recall

Significant expenses can be associated with recalling, replaying, or destroying a deficient product. Our global team designs and places insurance programs for organizations catered to these specific needs.

Cyber Liability

In this digital age, the manufacturing industry faces unique challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Cyber Liability helps protect manufacturers against cyber threats, data breaches, and other liabilities.

Risk Management Services

Our commitment is to provide clients with a proactive risk management that includes a combination of risk assessments, program development, and education services. Common areas of focus may include:

Manage everything from a single platform

Relying on multiple systems and modes of communication to track down important documents and forms can make managing insurance for your manufacturing business a real challenge for you and your team. EXP from MMA Midwest is a single, integrated platform that provides you with seamless, real-time access to everything you need to manage your insurance efficiently and effectively.

See how EXP saves your team time with easy access to insurance certificates, safety, training, resources, and more.

A strategic approach to elevating the employee enrollment experience

We realize that one approach to handling benefits, employee communications and the enrollment process doesn’t work for everyone. Our proprietary EnrollSMART solution not only provides each and every one of your employees with the opportunity for one-on-one consultation, 24/7/365, it is rolled out, implemented, and monitored by your MMA team at no cost to your organization.

See how EnrollSMART can refresh your enrollment strategy and help reclaim time.

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Five tips for recruiting manufacturing employees

Manufacturers of all sizes have had a hard time recruiting new employees, but small businesses also have to compete with larger companies that can offer extra benefits or higher salaries. According to a survey from the National Federation of Independent Business, 37 percent of small businesses had unfilled positions in July – the highest such proportion since 1974.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, the manufacturing industry poses unique liability risks due to the potential for product defects and malfunctions. Product liability insurance can provide coverage in case your products cause bodily injury or property damage. Our experts can guide you on risk mitigation strategies and appropriate coverage to safeguard your manufacturing business.

Property insurance is essential to protect your manufacturing facility and equipment from potential risks such as fire, natural disasters, theft, or vandalism. We can help identify the right coverage limits to protect your property and ensure a smooth claims process in case of any loss or damage.

Yes, MMA provides guidance on environmental risk management, pollution liability coverage, and compliance with environmental regulations. Our team can help you implement sustainable practices and minimize your environmental footprint.

Supple chain risks can significantly affect manufacturing businesses. Our team of experts can assist you in identifying potential vulnerabilities in your supple chain and develop risks mitigation strategies.