Income Disclosure

The Assurance mission statement holds that the rights and best interests of our clients will be central to all our considerations. Our business is built around this simple concept and is reflected in our open and honest relationship with our clients. Part of holding true to this belief, is a willingness to discuss and disclose the sources from which we derive our income.

Assurance is compensated through commissions paid by insurance companies and/or fees paid by our clients. We also have “contingency” agreements with some property/casualty and employee benefit carriers. These agreements are based upon business volume and/or underwriting results of the overall book of business and not tied to a specific account. Contingency payments are not guaranteed and have historically amounted to roughly one-half of one percent of total premiums annually placed by Assurance.

The most important asset we have is our reputation, and we will continue to protect our clients and do what is best for them at every turn. Our recommendations concerning insurance carriers are based solely on such factors as cost, coverage, service capability and financial security – and are never based on the existence of contingency agreements or commission percentages. Further, it has always been our practice to leave the final selection of insurers to the discretion of our clients.

We very much value the relationship we have with our clients, and appreciate the privilege given to us to serve their needs. It is a privilege we will continue earning through our actions.