The construction industry is filled with risk and often hit hard by the high cost of insurance. You need an insurance and risk management partner who not only understands how the construction industry operates, but also has the expansive experience with the hands-on approach to keep your jobsites safe and cost-efficient.

Insurance solutions built for construction

Our brokers have deep industry experience with most having upwards of 20 years’ experience insuring construction clients. Many of our construction safety consultants have practical work expertise as onsite safety professionals or contractors. We know construction.

Builder’s Risk

Our team will guide you to the right builders risk solution for all your building needs. We have proprietary programs to protect our builders and owners from the many risks of buildings under construction. 

Captive & Alternative Risk Solutions

Leverage the expertise of Marsh McLennan Agency’s Captive Center of Excellence to choose the right alternative risk solution for your business, be it a single parent captive, group captive, or any other form allowing you greater control over your insurance expenses.

Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) 

“SDI” has seen increased implementation as a means to offset the risk of subcontractor default. In addition, it can assist insureds to develop a more effective sub prequal process and become a company profit-center. Our SDI Team is here to help you. 

Environmental Risk Solutions

We have a team of dedicated advisors who identify, quantify, manage, mitigate, and when appropriate transfer environmental risk. We help interpret environmental health and safety regulatory requirements and alleviate the gap between environmental risk assessments and management.

Controlled Insurance Programs, OCIP vs CCIP, Wrap-ups

Controlled insurance programs (CIPs), also known as “wrap-ups,” are an insurance option for complex construction projects. Embracing CIPs provides benefits like enhanced coverage control, reduced litigation, and potentially lower insurance costs.

What sets us apart

From safety to wellness on the jobsite, insurance solutions and beyond—the future of your construction business is limitless with MMA Midwest.

Certificates of insurances issued
Contracts reviewed annually
Safety site audits conducted annually
More components reviewed than a typical Risk Transfer review process
In premiums placed annually nationally
Construction clients nationwide

Industry specialized coverages

Minimizing risk and maximizing health across your construction business demands a comprehensive range of services and industry-specific experience designed to reduce your exposure, mitigate losses, slash costs, and improve your cash flow.

Surety Bonding

At Marsh McLennan Agency, we are renowned for swiftly resolving intricate surety challenges, benefiting countless contractors across the nation through our experience, market presence, and determined approach.

Parametric Insurance

You can’t control the weather, but you can control the effects. Parametric insurance can complement a traditional policy to help you better manage the risk you face from exposure to a natural disaster.

Professional Liability

A core element to our analysis is breaking down barriers and clarifying common coverage misconceptions under a general liability policy so that you know when a professional liability policy is needed for your construction, engineering, or architect firm.

Pollution Insurance

Contractor’s work can also pose significant risks to the environment, especially if using hazardous materials or engaging in activities that generate pollutants. That’s why it’s crucial for contractors to carry pollution insurance. Our proprietary programs protect your construction business from unique pollution risks on the jobsite.

Employee Health & Benefits

Our employee health and benefits advisors’ deep knowledge of the construction industry enables us to design benefits plans best for your organization. By including wellness and mental health strategies to promote well-being on the jobsite, we help make sure your workers feel safe and supported. Our benefits experts stay current with benefits trends to help attract and retain talent for construction companies during the labor shortage.

Risk Management Services

Our commitment is to provide clients with a proactive risk management program that includes a combination of risk assessments, program development and education services. Common areas of focus may include:

Marsh McLennan Agency association alliances

Manage everything from a single platform

Relying on multiple systems and modes of communication to track down important documents and forms can make managing insurance for your construction business a real challenge for you and your team. EXP from MMA Midwest is a single, integrated platform that provides you with seamless, real-time access to everything you need to manage your insurance efficiently and effectively.

See how EXP saves your team time with easy access to insurance certificates, safety, training, resources, and more

MRMH Award Winner: McShane Construction

MMA Midwest is proud to award McShane Construction the MRMH Award for adding risk transfer to their company culture. This has led to a compliancy rate over 90%, $20M+ in tendered claims, and considerable savings to their general liability premium. Here’s the story.

Risk Transfer-Stacking up to the Competition

Whether you’re considering handling your risk transfer program in-house, or outsourcing, we’ve illustrated how we stack up when it comes to delivering on those can’t-miss elements

Expert insights, trends and strategies for construction

Frequently asked questions

Our Risk Management Center (RMC) allows you to reduce risk and enable employee safety by creating effective risk mitigation programs while accessing expert HR advice. This platform allows our clients to globally manage their risk programs through a comprehensive library of sample loss control documents, customizable safety and training programs, human resource management tools and a flexible electronic injury filing structure. 

EXP provides our clients a Web-based, seamless experience across all our departments and services. Basically, we’ve created a one-stop centralized resource offering real-time access to your MMA information.

With EXP clients can:  

  • View your policy list 
  • Download documents 
  • Make online payments 
  • Prepare for renewal 
  • Issue certificates of insurance 
  • Request policy changes
  • View MMA contracts
  • Access third-party vendors
  • Complete electronic forms
  • Access additional resources

The suicide rate for construction is one of the highest among major industries (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention). MMA is here to support you with mental health tool kits, mental health first-aid trainings, and custom plans for your construction business and employees.

MMA’s dedicated team of executive risk experts focus on analyzing, creating, and delivering the most effective cyber liability programs. Clients rely heavily on the team’s technical and real-world experience to get the best program design and comprehensive coverage to address their specific exposures.