Wellbeing: A balanced approach for a balanced lifestyle

At Marsh McLennan Agency, we know the wellbeing of your employees isn’t one-dimensional. In fact, healthy living requires dedication to a lifelong process that incorporates a balanced lifestyle—one that accounts for all facets of your employees’ overall wellbeing.

Through our comprehensive approach to wellbeing, you can confidently establish a distinct baseline for health across your entire organization. That’s because we provide you with the education, engagement, and risk identification tools you need for greater transparency and continuous health improvement in every corner of your business.

A whole person approach to wellbeing

When you take a holistic approach to wellbeing and make it easily accessible to all employees, the impact you can make on their individual lives and the overall health of your organization becomes very tangible.  

Marsh McLennan Agency offers a wealth of resources through comprehensive wellbeing programs that support whole-person health to proactively support physical, financial, social, and mental wellbeing.  

We collaborate with you to design a tailored 3-5 year wellness strategy, support development and implementation of the program, and continuously evaluate the right metrics to measure the program’s success.

Wellness Consulting

Your wellness program must become a part of your organization’s core belief system for it to be successful. We’ll work directly with you and your leadership team to help set the tone for your corporate culture and incorporate a tailored program that exhibits your true commitment to wellbeing.

Together, we’ll help you set goals, execute a plan, achieve results, and continually find new ways to improve the health of your organization with a comprehensive strategy and a distinct timeline that serves as a roadmap for your short- and long-term success.

  • Strategic wellness consulting & program development

  • Wellness communication campaigns

  • Biometric screening & preventive care programming

  • Wellness needs & interest surveys

  • Wellness challenges

  • Mental health first aid training

  • Wellbeing vendor evaluation & ongoing vendor support

  • Wellness committee development & support

  • Virtual cooking demonstrations

  • 1:1 nutrition coaching

  • Wellness microsites

  • Onsite/virtual wellness fair coordination


Financial Wellbeing

The financial wellbeing of your employees requires solutions that meet them where they are today to help them get where they want to be tomorrow. Preparing your employees plan for retirement successfully isn’t just about participation, it’s also about effective utilization.

Marsh McLennan Agency delivers everything you need to ensure your employees are confident about every decision they make in pursuit of their long-term financial goals. Through custom educational videos, regular email newsletters, onsite workshops, 1:1 meetings and microsites full of financial well-being insights, we’re committed to helping make your employees’ financial wellbeing dreams a reality.

  • Financial wellbeing portal

  • Retirement education

  • Custom plan overview videos


Frequently asked questions

Marsh McLennan Agency has an online resource platform for your employees and plan participants. It covers financial questions on topics ranging from investing and retirement planning, to creating an emergency fund, to keeping a budget and paying off debt as well as other long-term goals like buying a home or paying for college. The Retirement Edge hosts a compilation of articles, tips, videos and webinars. Our clients and their employees receive monthly communication campaigns that highlight new content on The Retirement Edge.

Marsh McLennan Agency offers customized short video production (also available in Spanish) that can provide employees with a specific overview of your retirement plan, the benefits of participating and how to get started. Videos can be viewed on the individual’s own time and still provides a vast amount of information typically presented in a formal education format. We can also provide custom materials to promote enrollment and educational meetings and communicate important plan details.  

MMA Midwest can also facilitate educational meetings that provide employees the opportunity to learn and ask questions about their plan, preparing for retirement and other financial wellbeing topics. Meetings are available in multimedia outlets and topics can be customized to suit participants’ needs and interests.  

Staying up-to-date with innovative wellbeing solutions within the marketplace will expand our scope in supporting the unique needs of your employees. Key wellbeing trends include mental health educational solutions and trainings to increase mental health literacy and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace. Wellbeing engagement solutions that allow remote, hybrid, or onsite employees help keep wellbeing top of mind so they are more productive at work. Lastly, preventive care education coupled with condition management solutions better support individuals proactively managing and navigating identified conditions.

The right employee benefits can enhance your employer brand and aid in talent attraction and retention. Navigating the complexities of benefit trends and regulations impacts both your employees and your bottom line. As an experienced employee benefits consulting firm, Marsh McLennan Agency can translate your business goals into an efficient benefits plan. We leverage years of experience, negotiate with carriers, and follow industry trends to recommend a package that aligns with best practices. Our comprehensive benchmarking data ensures your benefits plan remains compliant with the latest regulatory standards.

An employee benefits consultant keeps a pulse on industry trends and research, including insurance providers and employer legal requirements. However, our consultants go beyond this background work. We closely collaborate with you to assess your business goals, aligning them with employee demographics and survey data. During plan design, we match your needs and budget with market plans, offering guidance and engagement strategies. After implementation, we continuously research, benchmark, and assist in resolving vendor issues to ensure your plan remains effective.

Managing employee benefits can strain your HR team and diminish the employee experience. Modern IT solutions like self-service portals empower employees to review, compare, and enroll in plans independently, reducing HR’s burden while enhancing the user experience. When considering the switch, it’s essential to assess your current IT solutions. Digitized benefits solutions offer data control and innovative functionality, but integrating with legacy systems may impact your transition. Marsh McLennan Agency specialists can guide you in selecting and implementing the right employee benefits solution for your needs.

A group health insurance plan offers employees access to affordable healthcare, improving morale and fostering team spirit. It also enhances talent attraction and retention while bolstering your employer brand. Lower premiums and simplified claims management are additional benefits. Comprehensive coverage is a key advantage, as group health plans typically encompass a range of healthcare services. Moreover, they often cover preexisting conditions and extend coverage to employees’ spouses and children, making them an attractive option for families.

Our best practice in developing a successful organizational wellbeing strategy is to focus on 6 key areas:

  • Leadership commitment to ensure buy in from top leadership as well as middle management
  • Employee engagement solutions
  • Assessment of current programming
  • Development of a 3-5 year strategy
  • Implementation of an annual operational plan
  • Measuring the effectiveness of our wellbeing interventions