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Proven insurance programs including the comprehensive advice, tools, and expertise to produce measurable results.

Your business is our business

It’s simple—the better your insurance matches the unique challenges of your business, the easier and faster you can achieve even your loftiest of goals. That’s why we take the time to get to know every aspect of your organization—your industry, market, and people—so we can design an end-to-end solution that reveals all the hidden risks that could get in the way of attaining your strategic objectives. With access to our complete range of A-list carriers and full range of risk services, we’ll help you realize your full potential.

Local teams, endless possibilities

As the world leader in risk, strategy, and people, MMA Midwest brings you limitless reach and access to resources on a global scale, but without sacrificing the localized, personal service you deserve. When it comes to tackling complex insurance challenges, you get the best of both worlds.

Minimizing risk, maximizing health

The safer, happier, and healthier your employees are, the lower your cost of risk. Our risk management strategy is laser focused on addressing the root causes of risk so you can minimize insurance claims from happening in the first place. Our risk services consultants offer employee safety, well-being, and loss control programs to maximize your employees’ health.

Data-driven insights

Every business decision can make or break your growth trajectory. Give your organization a competitive edge with detailed risk analysis, industry peer data, and financial analytics insights so you have an unimpeded view of your total cost of risk. With the right information at hand, pinpointing the best path forward and increasing efficiencies across the entire risk management process is easier than ever.

Risk management solutions built for success

At MMA Midwest, we believe business insurance should be designed to make your life easier, not the other way around. Explore our complete range of proprietary business solutions built to boost your efficiency, lower your costs, and simplify your risk management strategy from one end to the other.

How your company can offer work-life balance

Recently, significant shifts in employee demands have companies looking for new strategies to support the well-being of their workers. Many organizations are struggling to adapt and adopt practices that reflect what workers want out of their jobs, including flexible work schedules, mental health support and advanced learning opportunities. However, many companies have also come to realize that implementing new benefits alongside offering work life balance is essential to standing out amongst competitors.

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