Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions

The Mergers & Acquisitions industry is fast-paced, complex and at times, volatile. At Marsh McLennan Agency, our Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions practice deeply understands the intricacies of M&A and the economic, political, and environmental factors that ultimately impact our clients, transactions, and portfolio companies. Our Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions practice strives to help clients minimize the transfer of any potential risks and maximize the potential return on investment.

Comprehensive solutions for M&A

Whether you are a private equity firm or a strategic buyer, Marsh McLennan Agency offers a comprehensive range of expertise tailored to meet the unique challenges of the Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions industry.

Business Insurance and Employee Benefits Due Diligence

A specialized team of experienced individuals dedicated to completing business insurance, employee benefits, and retirement due diligence. The primary purpose is to evaluate the target acquisition’s insurance and benefits programs to identify and assess any potential risks to the client and provide such programs’ financial impact.

Portfolio Management 

Our teams work closely with private equity clients to develop a holistic insurance and benefits strategy for clients and their portfolio companies. Ultimately, Marsh McLennan Agency can develop and build portfolio programs that optimize coverages and leveraged pricing.

Transaction Liability

Leveraging the expertise of Marsh’s Transactional Risk practice, Marsh McLennan Agency can help clients protect themselves from Mergers & Acquisitions deal risks.

Key Person

In transactions it may be a requirement to purchase individual policies for key individuals at the target company such as CEOs or owners. We can assist with obtaining these specialized policies to meet the needs of the deal.

Captive & Alternative Risk

Leverage the expertise of Marsh McLennan Agency’s Captive program to choose the right alternative risk solution for your business be it single parent captive, group captive, or any other form allowing you greater control over your insurance expenses.

Environmental Risk 

We have a team of dedicated advisors who identify, quantify, manage, mitigate, and when appropriate, transfer environmental health and safety regulatory requirements, and alleviate the gap between environmental risk assessments and management.

Industry specialized coverages

We understand the diversity of private equity portfolios. To provide the best solutions for our private equity clients and their portfolio companies, Marsh McLennan Agency offers a variety of specialized services, coverages, and industry-specific experience to meet the needs of their respective industries.

Surety Bonding

At Marsh McLennan Agency, we are renowned for swiftly resolving intricate surety challenges, benefiting countless firms across the nation through our experience, market presence, and determined approach.

Cyber Liability Insurance

This coverage protects your business and your investments’ businesses from cyber attacks and data breaches that can cause damaged reputations or financial losses.

Professional Liability

A core element to our analysis is breaking down barriers and clarifying common coverage misconceptions under a general liability policy so that you know when a professional liability policy is needed for your private equity firm and portfolio companies.

Crime Insurance

Professionals handling client funds or sensitive financial information may face risk related to theft, fraud, and embezzlement. This provides coverage for losses resulting from criminal acts committed by employers or third parties.

Employee Health & Benefits

Our employee health and benefits advisors’ deep knowledge of the private equity industry enables us to design benefits plans best for your organization and your portfolio companies. By including wellness and mental health strategies to promote well-being, we help make sure employees feel supported. Our benefits experts stay current with benefits trends to help attract and retain talent for our private equity clients and their portfolio companies.

Employee Practices Liability (EPL)

Professionals often encounter employment related claims, such as wrongful termination discrimination, or sexual harassment allegations, EPL provides coverage for legal defense costs and potential settlements from claims.

Risk Management Services

Our commitment is to provide clients with a proactive risk management program that includes a combination of risk assessments, program development and education services. Common areas of focus may include:

Cyber Playbook

Companies have experienced significant changes to their cyber insurance. This volitivity has caused major market disruptions, new claims trends, and clarity on who the hackers are targeting. It’s imperative companies employ preventive measures that safeguard their networks. Our Cyber Playbook provides a deep dive into cyber issues, prevention & response best practices,  approaches, and industry trends.

Financial services organization increases HSA participation and decreases pharmacy costs through Analytics & Data Insights

A financial services organization had extremely low Health Savings Account (HSA) participation and was also facing high prescription claims. The use of name-brand drugs drove their prescription costs to be higher than necessary. They turned to Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA) for help, who recommended using Analytics & Data Insights (ADI). In two short years, MMA was able to help the organization increase their HSA participation from 25% to 70% and their paid per prescription cost went from $172.16 down to $95.53. Click below for the full story.

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