Business Insurance Risk Services: Your business is our business

The better your insurance program meets the unique demands of your business, the more resources your team will have in place to improve efficiency, lower costs, and simplify risk management from one end of your business to the other.

Marsh McLennan Agency works closely with you and your extended team to ensure we understand your business from every possible angle—your industry, your market, your people, and so on. It’s simply the best way we can provide you with a complete range of expert advice, customized tools, and proven strategies to help you and your team stay laser-focused on keeping your business profitable and moving forward.

Risk services built for success

No matter how your business defines success, the journey you take to reaching your goals is as unique as the obstacles standing in your way. With more than 150 years of innovation and leadership worldwide, Marsh McLennan Agency combines limitless reach and resources with a personal investment in your business’ future—so realizing your full potential becomes a reality.

When it comes to tackling complex insurance challenges, we believe business insurance should be designed to make your life easier, not the other way around.   Our Risk Services team offers a wide range of services that complement and extend the coverage available from our Business Insurance experts to help you develop a comprehensive risk containment strategy. 

Safety Consulting

Beyond OSHA compliance support, Marsh McLennan Agency works with you 1:1 to gain a full picture of your safety risks so we can apply proven strategies that cater to your specific safety challenges and goals. Our safety experts have earned degrees in safety management with deep experience across a wide range of industry segments and operations to ensure your business stays current with the latest safety techniques and processes.

  • MRMH 360 Safety Diagnostic
  • Risk Management Center (RMC)
  • Safety Training
  • Risk Assessments
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Safety Committee Development
  • Incident Reporting / Investigation
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Active Shooter / Workplace Violence
  • Property Safety Services
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Fleet Safety Services

Our expertise runs deep. Explore a complete range of specialized safety consulting services offering across a wide range of industries.

Claims Management

When you want more control over claims, medical treatment, and costs, identifying which claims are likely to become most complicated is crucial to the impact that claims can have on your business and employees overall.

Marsh McLennan Agency takes a proactive approach to claims management, so the handling of claims begins earlier, which not only translates in better outcomes for your employees but also allows them to return to work faster. As a result, you’ll experience a reduction in claims severity, better protection against fraudulent claims, and improved employee productivity and morale.

  • TPA Services
  • Advanced Advocacy
  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud Program
  • Accident Investigation & Prevention
  • Return-to-work Programs
  • D&O – “Directors and Officers Claim Consulting

  • Construction Defect Claims Consulting
  • Workers’ Compensation ClaimsPro Program
  • Nurse Triage Partnerships
  • Special Claim Handling Instruction Assistance
  • Cyber Claim Consulting

  • Professional and Product Liability Claims Consulting

Risk Transfer & Certificate Tracking

Engaging in contractual relationships is essential to keeping up with the pace of business, not to mention remaining competitive in the marketplace. The more control your business has over the type and magnitude of the liabilities you assume when entering contracts with third parties, the better protection you can provide to your bottom line.

Marsh McLennan Agency helps manage your exposure to insurance issued by third parties so your business stays protected from potential claims and lawsuits. Our comprehensive range of risk transfer services provide you with a better understanding of your risks and the ability to effectively allocate liability when working with third parties.

  • Certificate & Contract Review
  • Administration Support
  • Internal Process Improvement
  • Database Management
  • Consultation Services

Business Insurance Analytics & Data Insights

Having the right business insurance plan in place is critical to protecting your business from the financial risks that can result from unexpected events, such as lawsuits, natural disasters, or injured employees. But, managing these risks effectively, can have a direct impact on your premium costs. The better and more actionable insights you have into uncontrollable factors that can affect your business, the more effectively you can control costs and your long-term financial outlook.

Marsh McLennan Agency helps protect your interests while giving you more confidence about your future through future loss projections, collateral requirements, experience mod rates, catastrophe modeling for large property risks, and more, to ensure you always get the best performance from your insurance program.

  • Risk Sensitive Program Analysis
  • Collateral Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Loss Analytics
  • CAT Modeling
  • Portfolio Stratification Analysis
  • EMR Analysis
  • Driver Analytics

Pollution & Environmental Risk

With increasing pressures like climate change, inefficient supply chains, emerging compliance regulations, and pollution reduction, environmental risk is integral to every business now more than ever. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses of all shapes and sized to routinely evaluate their environmental exposures to reduce their liabilities and ensure their long-term longevity.

Marsh McLennan Agency offers end-to-end risk advisory services that will help you identify, quantify, manage, mitigate, and, when appropriate, transfer environmental risk. And, by providing you with the necessary resources to respond to the threats that environmental risks can pose to your business, we’ll also help alleviate the pressures your business faces when it comes to environmental risk assessment and management.

  • Flood Support
  • Clean Air Act Compliance
  • Oil Pollution Act Consulting
  • Resource Conservation & Recovery Act Consulting
  • Clean Water Act Consulting
  • EPCRA Requirements Consulting
  • UST/AST Consulting

Natural Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

The last thing any business wants is a natural disaster to impact their operations and ability to conduct business as usual. Unfortunately, disasters can happen at any time to any business. And, if you don’t have the right programs in place to plan, prepare, respond, and recover from a flood, fire, or serious weather, the disruption to your business could be insurmountable.

Marsh McLennan Agency offers a full range of services and tools to help you respond efficiently and effectively when a disaster strikes so you’ll always be ready no matter what may come your way.

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Strategic Preparation
  • Claims Management
  • Recovery Planning

Frequently asked questions

Marsh McLennan Agency’s risk management consultants assist in safeguarding your business against potential losses arising from common industry risks. These risks encompass financial uncertainties due to market fluctuations, legal liabilities, technical disruptions, or management errors. We pinpoint potential threats your company faces and gauge their impact on your earnings. Collaboratively, we design a risk management plan, including internal quality controls and guidance on suitable insurance options.

Some industries, especially international business, inherently face more risks, but liability and property risks affect all businesses. Prioritize assessing general business risks before pinpointing the most critical operational risk to determine the services that would benefit you the most. Most companies can benefit from protection against financial, employee, and common liabilities, with asset definition tailored to your industry niche. We ensure you consult with an experienced risk management consultant specialized in your industry.

Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential hazards to your business. 

  • Risk Identification: This step entails surveys, industry research, and interviews to identify expectable risks.
  • Risk Assessment: Your consultant assesses risk likelihood, considering your business’s uniqueness.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies: Strategies are chosen based on the type of risk, including avoidance, control, reduction, retention, or transfer.
  • Claims Advocacy: We guide you through the claims process, ensuring fairness from reporting to settlement.
  • Risk Monitoring and Communication: Regularly review and update safety protocols and communicate changes with partners. 

We offer tailored packages, including benchmarking, business continuity, compliance, strategic assessment, workforce strategies, and more.

While cost is a consideration, remember that investing in risk management protects your company from substantial financial losses. Our consultants factor in various variables, including the number of vulnerabilities, organization size, location, and industry-specific needs, to determine the price of risk management services.

Business insurance provides coverage for your business premises and contents against loss, damage, or theft. It also safeguards against financial loss caused by an insured interruption to your business. Business insurance encompasses general and professional liability, property insurance, errors and omissions, directors and officers coverage, business interruption, theft, employment practice liability, employee dishonesty, workers’ compensation, and more.

General liability insurance and professional liability insurance differ primarily based on the types of risks they cover. General liability protects against physical accidents, such as injuries to non-employees and property damage to non-owned spaces. Professional liability covers workplace accidents and errors, including business mistakes, negligence claims, misrepresentation, and legal defense costs. Marsh McLennan Agency offers tailored risk management solutions, including directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, and cyber liability insurance, designed by our executive and professional liability consultants.

Various types of business insurance coverage options are available, including general liability, business income, professional liability, workers’ compensation, data breach, commercial insurance, commercial property insurance, and commercial auto insurance. Our team analyzes your operations, assets, risks, and more to determine which types of business insurance will best suit your needs. We base our recommendations on how comprehensive you want your business insurance policy to be.

The cost of business insurance depends on several factors, such as industry, location, loss exposure, and the value of your business property. Different industries face varying levels of risk, and your risk management practices play a role in controlling these risks. Ultimately, your coverage amount and price are tailored to what you need to protect. While insurance policies may vary, we assist your business in finding a price that aligns with your budget and provides the necessary protection.

The importance of business insurance can’t be overstated. An insurance policy enables your organization to recover and resume operations swiftly when faced with threats to its physical location or intangible assets. Additionally, business insurance helps reduce financial losses, enhances your business’s credibility, and provides assistance in legal matters. Claims and lawsuits can be costly, but implementing robust risk management practices can reduce the likelihood of litigation. Fewer claims on your policy may also result in lower insurance premiums, strengthening your company’s financial position.