HR Support: Services that scale with your unique needs

You know effective and efficient HR practices are critical to your team’s success. But how can you increase productivity, boost employee morale, and keep turnover to a minimum if your team is stretched too thin? When it’s time for HR strategies at scale, Marsh McLennan Agency works as an extension of your team to provide you with the HR support you need. Through training, coaching, recruiting and retention programs, we help you manage human risk.

From helping you implement proven HR practices… to the newest HR technologies… and compliance with the latest employment laws and regulations—keep your HR operations ahead of the curve through our HR support programs built for success. MMA Midwest delivers innovative solutions and measurable value to help you minimize risk and maximize health for your organization.

Local support. Global reach. Unlimited potential.
HR solutions with an MMA Midwest difference.

No matter what challenges your HR team may face, we know that nothing should stand in the way of helping your employees and their families. At MMA Midwest, we take a holistic approach to human resources so you have easy access to our expansive network of global industry experts, thought leadership resources, and proprietary, industry-specific solutions designed to minimize your risk, improve outcomes, reduce costs, and make your life easier.

We don’t just talk the talk either. With more than 150 years of innovation and leadership worldwide, MMA combines limitless reach and resources with a personal investment in your future, so realizing your full potential in life and business becomes a reality.

HR Consulting

Designed around your HR organization’s unique infrastructure, we’ll implement proven processes, systems, and tools to better manage it all, from talent acquisition and compensation benchmarking to compliance and diversity, equity, and inclusion. We take the time to get to know every aspect of your HR needs to ensure your team has everything in place to enhance the quality of your HR policies and procedures, reduce your risk, and improve culture and morale at your organization.

  • Compensation services & total rewards

  • HR compliance reviews

  • Organizational realignment & workforce planning

  • Talent acquisition support

  • Diversity, equity & inclusion support

  • HR outsourcing

  • “On call” HR subscription services

  • Employee handbook development

HR Technology

The continuous evolution of technology is reshaping the landscape of human capital management for HR professionals. While this presents many opportunities, HR teams are confronted with navigating new solutions to build a technology suite that aligns with their organizational objectives.

Marsh McLennan Agency provides you with wide a range of technology services that can be tailored to your requirements, whether you’re looking to enhance efficiency, elevate the employee experience, or simply realize the speediest return on your investment.

  • Vendor evaluation

  • Custom RFP

  • Strategic consulting

  • HR and technology optimization

  • Implementation project management

  • Ongoing vendor support

  • Open enrollment support

  • EDI project management

Compliance Consulting

Reducing business risk doesn’t stop with simply insuring your exposure. There are requirements with respect to your employees that can’t be insured – except through smart, effective, and compliant HR strategies.

Our Compliance Consulting services will help incorporate, manage, report, and update requirements in accordance with regulations such as ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, and the ACA,.  Marsh McLennan Agency will provide you with the education, communication, and support you need to empower your organization to more effectively measure and address the gaps that are necessary to complying with complex government regulations.

  • Non-discrimination testing

  • WRAP document support

  • HIPAA training

  • Comprehensive compliance reviews

  • ACA compliance consulting

  • ACA notices & education support

  • Form 5500 support

  • ERISA support

  • Federal and State regulatory updates

  • Employer education on regulatory requirements


Analytics & Data Insights

We know you want to provide your employees with the best benefits possible. However, when it comes down to the numbers, sometimes our budgets tell a different story. That’s when you need data analytics and a strategic partner to help ensure your employees can receive the outstanding benefits they deserve.

Marsh McLennan Agency is here to crunch the numbers for you so you can understand how to get the best possible return on your investment. We’ll provide you with better insight into employee health plan options and analyze data from insurance carriers, pharmacy benefit managers, ancillary service providers and more so we can with comprehensive recommendations for better performance and outcomes.

  • Benchmarking

  • Insights into action utilization reports & reviews

  • Renewal modeling

  • Monthly financial reporting

  • Underwriting & actuarial support

Frequently asked questions

Partnering with an employee benefits consulting firm offers significant advantages. By aligning the right employee benefits, you can enhance your employer brand, attract and retain top talent, and navigate the complexities of evolving trends and regulations. This ultimately impacts your bottom line positively.

At MMA Midwest, our experienced consultants tailor benefits plans to your enterprise structure and business goals. We leverage extensive research to recommend a package aligned with best practices. With years of carrier negotiation expertise, we identify options to support plan design and cost management. Our comprehensive benchmarking data ensures you’re informed about regulatory standards, empowering you to make informed decisions. 

An employee benefits consultant monitors industry trends and research, including insurance providers and legal requirements. However, their primary focus is working collaboratively with you. They analyze your business goals, employee demographics, and survey data to craft a comprehensive benefits strategy. During plan design, consultants match your needs and budget to suitable market options, offering guidance and engagement strategies. This ensures maximum value and support from plan implementation to resolution of vendor issues.

Streamlining employee benefits through automated digital solutions can significantly alleviate HR burdens and enhance the employee experience. Self-service portals empower employees to review, compare, and enroll in plans independently, reducing HR workload and enhancing user satisfaction. While digitized benefits solutions offer advanced functionality and data control, integration with existing IT systems requires careful consideration. Our MMA Midwest experts are available to guide your transition, ensuring a tailored and effective benefits solution.

Opting for a group health insurance plan yields multiple advantages. Notably, it grants employees access to affordable healthcare, boosting morale and fostering team cohesion. This inclusive coverage attracts and retains talent, enhancing your employer brand. Group plans boast lower premiums and simplified claims, providing comprehensive healthcare services. Additionally, coverage often includes preexisting conditions and extends to family members, making it a compelling choice for families.

HR technology consulting involves harnessing the power of the right HR technology to enhance talent acquisition, performance management, and employee development. Our specialized consultants work closely with your organization to identify the most suitable technological solutions, assess your unique requirements and budget, and help with implementation and data migration. We also provide communication plans and training to boost employee engagement and enable data-driven decision-making through enhanced HR analytics.

We offer a comprehensive six-point consulting process to help you achieve your HR objectives. This begins with a discovery phase where our consultants assess your specific business needs and existing HR systems. We then move into defining your technology solution requirements and identifying suitable vendors. Following vendor selection, we negotiate contract conditions on your behalf. After implementation, we monitor vendor performance and adoption within your team, ensuring a seamless process. Throughout, we maintain ongoing communication to provide guidance and leverage system updates.

Staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends is crucial for maintaining productivity in your organization. Key trends include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate tasks like resume screening and employee onboarding. These technologies also enable predictive analytics for tracking employee engagement. Employee experience platforms and support for remote work are changing how employees interact with HR services. Modern HR systems are adaptable and customizable, catering to evolving needs such as diversity and inclusion policies and employee well-being.

Effective HR processes and digital HR practices should be structured with consistency and alignment in mind. Workflow consistency helps maintain standards and meet deadlines. It’s essential to align HR processes with your overall business strategy to achieve desired outcomes. Collecting relevant data points, such as turnover rates, and integrating HR technology with other systems like finance or payroll can facilitate this alignment. Additionally, creating routines and feedback loops for continuous improvement ensures your HR practices remain adaptable and capable of addressing future challenges in upskilling.