Employee Engagement: Effective tools to keep employees connected

You’ve dedicated a great deal of time and resources to implement the best benefits program for your people. But putting the right tools in place to ensure your employees understand the value of their benefits package is equally important.

Marsh McLennan Agency helps you create engagement to positively impact your bottom line. Through clear, consistent and engaging communication, we educate your employees on how to use their benefits.

Increase efficiency, influence culture, and reduce costs

We maximize your employees’ health by helping you build a culture focused on positive lifestyle choices that make healthcare less expensive in the long run. Informed participants make better benefits decisions. 

With Marsh McLennan on your side, employees will better understand their benefits, make more informed choices, and have a greater appreciation of their benefits packages. Whether it’s educating employees on your benefits, creating employee engagement, or improving overall satisfaction, we’ll help you better connect with employees through:

Enrollment meeting coordination, educational videos, 1-on-1 benefits counselors 

Benefits communication strategy consulting, key message development, branded content, microsites, mobile apps   

Benefits and wellness satisfaction surveys and analysis 

Employee Communication

When your organization has a positive impact on healthy behaviors, it leads to increased productivity, reduced medical and workers’ compensation costs, and a better bottom line. Marsh McLennan Agency works with you to develop a strategic communications plan that keeps employees engaged so they understand every aspect of every benefit your organization offers keeping them up-to-date, healthy, and working.

  • Messaging strategy

  • Communication planning

  • Benefits summary development

  • Benefits microsites

  • Open enrollment meeting support

  • Branded content development

  • HR & benefits administration platforms


We understand one approach to benefits management, employee communications, and enrollment doesn’t work for everyone. No matter what industry you’re in, Marsh McLennan Agency works with you to establish a strategy that addresses your specific challenges.

Our proprietary enrollment solution, EnrollSMART, provides you with exclusive access to one-on-one benefit consulting during your open enrollment so all your employees can engage with a benefits expert for better education and messaging across your organization. See how EnrollSMART can refresh your enrollment strategy and help reclaim your time here

  • Enhanced employee education

  • Consistent enrollment experience

  • Improved employee satisfaction & retention

Claims Advocacy

Facing property loss or liability claims can be a daunting experience, and the prospect of filing an insurance claim may feel overwhelming. Taking into account many factors to safeguard your interests, it’s essential to act promptly. Marsh McLennan Agency supports your HR team by offering employees access to expert claims advocacy to help them secure the most favorable settlement with your insurance provider.

  • Denied claims & appeals assistance

  • Prior authorizations & pre-certification support

  • Pharmacy assistance

  • Member portal assistance


Mobile Apps

Regardless of where your employees are located, providing them with easy access to important benefits information and activities is critical to the effectiveness of your program.  Marsh McLennan Agency’s iNGAGED mobile application can be custom-built for your company so you can seamlessly communicate benefit information to employees working in any location. This robust and highly customizable app is available for IOS, Android, and desktop. iNGAGED saves your HR team time with the ability to shift resources to mobile delivery rather than traditional paper-based communications.

  • Easy employee access to detailed benefits information

  • Targeted push notifications

  • Digital storage for insurance cards

  • Usage of analytics

Frequently asked questions

Your workplace has evolved over the years, and providing comprehensive workforce benefits while adapting to new business practices and employee expectations is crucial. As remote and hybrid work becomes prevalent, employees expect access to benefits that support their well-being. Without effective internal communication, employees may not be aware of their benefits. By communicating this information effectively, employers ensure their team is equipped to succeed, boosting workplace productivity. Employees who understand their benefits are more engaged and tend to stay with the company longer.

Successful benefits communication involves verbal and non-verbal signals, clarity, personalization, and respect. Employers should create a communication plan using familiar methods. Marsh McLennan Agency offers a mobile communication app for easy access to benefits information. Employees can manage enrollment, payroll, telehealth, and more through this app. Employers can send updates through a platform that employees frequently use, like their phones. This streamlines access to information, saving employees time and improving engagement.

An effective benefits communication plan enhances employee understanding, builds trust, and increases engagement, positively impacting tenure and productivity. Marsh McLennan Agency’s virtual and mobile benefits solutions help employees understand their package and prioritize their health. A successful plan should aim to provide equal access to benefits information, educate employees on available offerings, understand employees’ concerns, use familiar communication tools, and maintain simplicity in the messaging.

Employer communication directly affects employee engagement, impacting how employees interact with their benefits. To boost engagement with health perks, focus on transparency, two-way conversations, inclusivity, clear language, and centralized communication. Marsh McLennan Agency offers solutions that incorporate these factors into your benefits communication strategy, helping you engage more employees effectively.