Leading the way in client improvement

We believe we have a greater responsibility to our clients than just procuring an insurance policy. Our goal is to motivate more businesses to take a proactive approach to risk, safety and health and make a more profound impact not only on insurance costs, but also the wellbeing of workers and their families.

Celebrating excellence in risk management and health

The MRMH Awards program honors clients nationwide who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to minimizing risk and maximizing health. By implementing best practices and fostering collaboration, these clients have achieved remarkable outcomes that positively impact their organizations’ bottom line.

Minimizing risk and maximizing health

At Marsh McLennan Agency Midwest, we understand that minimizing risk and maximizing health requires a concerted effort from both our clients and colleagues. By focusing on key insurance cost drivers, our clients can improve their operational efficiency and create a healthier, safer work environment for their employees.

Our passion

We are passionate about bringing our clients’ risk management and health initiatives to life. The MRMH Awards serve as a testament to our commitment to motivating and inspiring our clients to seek efficiency in their health and risk management endeavors. We believe that by recognizing and celebrating their achievements, we can inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Achieving significant results through best practice and collaboration

Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our clients who have gone above and beyond in minimizing risk and maximizing health.

Meet Our Award Winners

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