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A note from Masis Staffing Solutions

Over the past five years, we’ve been very blessed to partner with MMA. They’ve done a tremendous job in helping us mitigate our claims and risk

Matt Vaccaro, President | Masis Staffing Solutions

Masis Staffing Solutions MRMH Award Story

Masis Staffing Solutions (Masis) was founded in 2013 and formed to emulate its namesake, Mount Masis, one of the highest mountains in Europe. Masis’ motto is to ensure peak service to its clients through its culture, experience and ethics. The firm’s operations began in 2015 and they quickly became a leading provider of light industrial and professional staffing services in the Northeast. In 2016, the Masis executive team quickly recognized the importance of using a brokerage firm with expertise in the unique challenges of staffing agencies and reached out to Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA) for guidance. MMA became the broker of their worker’s compensation program after it was non-renewed due to lack of pro-active claims management and widespread over-reserved claims. Masis was determined to elevate its claims management programs to reduce costs, improve workplace safety, expand processes and continue to grow their organization.

MMA and Masis developed a long-term strategy that focused on managing claims, enhancing claims management procedures and minimizing risk in the workplace. During the non-renewal period, MMA developed creative concepts in order to form a hybrid insurance plan. The mixed plan would include multiple carriers insuring Masis’ nationwide and immediate needs. Next, MMA helped Masis validate past over-reserving by tracking individual claim values month to month, helping to secure future carriers. Going forward, MMA attends claims reviews and facilitates monthly log-tracking which allows Masis an opportunity to act on problematic claim trends in real time.

In addition, MMA conducted its exclusive MRMH 360 diagnostic which takes an in-depth look into the entirety of the current safety program and identifies target areas of opportunity to improve risk management procedures. As a result of the findings, Masis has taken the following additional measures to improve safety:

  • Hired two additional risk management personnel to focus on claims management and client site walkthroughs
  • Partnered with a third-party claims management administrator
  • Reinforced claims handling training, and
  • Overhauled their risk management procedures.

Masis now relies heavily on analytics, benchmarking, tracking, and continues to measure month-to-month risk exposures and strategically acts upon each negative result. Since working with MMA, Masis has experienced a reduction in net rates by 28%, improved overall loss rate by 27% and reduced claims frequency by 21%. This level of dedication to safety has positively impacted the lives of their employees and continues to provide additional capital and capacity for continued growth provided by their employer.

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