MMA Midwest is proud to award McShane Construction the MRMH Award for adding risk transfer to their company culture. This has led to a compliancy rate over 90%, $20M+ in tendered claims, and considerable savings to their general liability premium. Here’s the story.


improved compliance rate
in tendered claims

A note from McShane Construction Company

I don’t look at anybody at MMA as being outside our company. Their best interests are in our best interests. Completing their recommendations is actually the best thing for us.

Dennis Rumshas, VP of Safety and Risk Management | McShane Construction Company

McShane Construction Company MRMH award story

McShane Construction Company is a leading national industrial, multifamily and commercial building company that has been turning clients’ visions into realities for nearly 40 years. In 2011, McShane Construction Company was facing a common challenge in the industry at that time, finding a risk transfer program that could sustain their growth.

McShane Construction Company realized proper risk transfer was critical to their growth strategy and put a plan to action.

Risk transfer became a part of McShane Construction Company’s culture. They have achieved a compliance rate improvement of 90%, successfully tendered over $20M in claims, and secured considerable saving to their general liability program.

Key steps taken

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