reduction in average loss rates
decrease in average claim cost
reduction in average fixed cost rate

Accurate Personnel MRMH Award Story

Accurate Personnel, LLC, is a premier full-service staffing agency ranked in the top 100 staffing agencies in the country. Their mission is to form strong and lasting partnerships with clients and employees to provide the best possible staffing solutions in the industry while exceeding customer expectations. Accurate Personnel, LLC places employees nationwide, including some of the toughest workers’ compensation states in the country. They experienced rapid expansion nationwide and this caused their claim and risk management needs to become more sophisticated, especially in states with more complex regulations. It became clear that they had outgrown their insurance carrier relationships. Accurate Personnel was not receiving proactive claim management and safety services, which led to an increase in both the number and cost of their workers’ compensation claims.

To address these challenges, Accurate Personnel invested heavily in internal risk management resources. They hired claim managers, expanded their safety team, and brought on board internal general counsel. Over the course of 18 months, this new team worked alongside MMA’s Risk Management team to develop a comprehensive strategy for improvement, which included finding a new insurance carrier partner, vetting new TPAs, and expanding safety training and customer worksite assessments.

Through these initiatives and risk management program improvements, Accurate Personnel realized a 50% reduction in average loss rates, 17% decrease in average claim cost, and a 54% reduction in insurance expenses. Accurate Personnel has grown by nearly $200 million in payroll, all while keeping their losses at an all-time low. They took immediate action when they saw their losses start to deteriorate which reflects their proactive management style.

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