decrease in lost time and medical-only frequency
EMR improvement
decrease in Incident rate (IR)
decrease in total incurred

Boxer Property Management MRMH Award Story

Boxer Property Management is a commercial leasing and property management group with locations across the country. While safety was a priority and there were safety programs and manuals in place, claims continued to be an issue. Marsh McLennan Agency’s (MMA) first step was to review Boxer’s safety manual and conduct onsite visits to determine where improvements were possible. Next, MMA performed a workers’ compensation loss analysis and identified that the most common types of injury and the cause were strains and sprains, mostly from lifting and falls from ladders.

Boxer Property Management’s HR director and director of quality worked closely with their MMA safety advocate to organize a loss analysis. This identified the type, cause, and location of the trending losses. From this information, they were able to identify key locations for site inspections. During these visits, the MMA safety advocate and Boxer Property Management’s director of quality met with the property manager and lead maintenance tech to closely examine job tasks, areas of improvement, and potential safety concerns. They also evaluated and updated the location’s policy and procedures to ensure proper trainings were in place. Together, with the support of the company’s safety committee and learning development team, they developed several new safety programs that were identified during the site inspections.

Boxer Property Management worked with their MMA safety advocate to perform frequent safety inspections at locations and improve safety trainings, policies, and procedures. Through this process, each site increased safety and improved their audit score each year. Workers’ compensation trending, along with Boxer Property Management’s internal quality and safety scores, allowed the team to target key locations to conduct site assessments. These efforts resulted in improving their experience modification rating by 16%, decreasing their incident rate by 57%, lowering their average premium spend by 40%, decreasing total incurred by 68%, and decreasing lost time and medical-only frequency rate by 57%.

Key steps taken

Loss analysis and safety concerns

  • Organized a loss analysis
  • Identified trending losses
  • Addressed potential safety concerns

Policy and procedure evaluation

  • Evaluated and updated location's policy and procedures to ensure proper trainings were in place

Safety program development

  • Developed several new safety programs identified during the inspections

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