loss ratio improvement
point EMR improvement
decrease in average claim costs
in premium savings

ATMI Precast MRMH Award Story

ATMI Precast created a Safety Director position to review and develop an annual employee safety training program. Additionally, MMA aligned ATMI Precast with a new insurance carrier that would meet ATMI Precast’s needs, including ongoing claim reviews and ad hoc follow-ups. ATMI Precast had total buy-in from the top down to create a culture of safety. They took immediate action, implementing a safety training process with new hire orientation videos that used their own employees and roles.

To improve employee involvement in ATMI Precast’s safety program, the Safety, Excellence, Accountability, Leadership (S.E.A.L.) team was created. Members of the S.E.A.L. team must submit safety suggestions, demonstrate safe behavior, report unsafe acts/conditions, inspect equipment and tools, follow best housekeeping practices, and demonstrate leadership. Additionally, to promote an ongoing safety culture, if certain employee safety parameters are achieved, there is a company-wide celebration.

ATMI Precast exceeded industry standards through their focus on safety, claims and risk management. Between 2013 to 2018, the company improved their loss ration by 93%. From 2017 to 2018, their Experience Modification Rating (a number that influences a company’s workers’ compensation rates) was improved by 37 points. ATMI Precast also decreased average claim costs by 79% in the last year and enjoyed a $300,000 premium reduction in 2018.

Key steps taken

Safety measures

  • Daily inspection forms and equipment checks for all foreman
  • Monthly facility safety inspections with a focus on OSHA compliance
  • New accident investigation guidelines and amended job description
  • New surveillance system to prevent fraudulent claims and ensure employee safety

Operational improvements

  • Significant improvements to their facility to increase efficiency

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