enrollment in medical benefit plans
participation of voluntary and ancillary benefits

A note from APR Consulting Inc.

“One of our top priorities at APR Consulting, Inc. is to do everything we can to ensure the safety and wellness of all our employees and affiliates. Our experienced operations team with our own internal safety teammates work closely with our customers, our insurance carriers and especially our insurance brokers, who completely understand our business and our industry, resulting in the best possible working conditions possible. These close relationships and working processes keep safety and wellness at the forefront our all we do while delivering our services.”

Aaron Stone, Chief Operations Officer | APR Consulting Inc.

Accurate Personnel MRMH Award Story

APR Consulting, Inc. (APR™) is a California-based staffing firm providing professional recruiting and talent solutions to a diverse mix of clients, industries, and skill sets nationwide. With more than 40+ years’ experience, APR™ provides professional services and solutions that delivers sustainable value to their clients, candidates, and employees. APR™ and Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA) confronted two major challenges during the 2022 renewal. First, due to low participation in the benefit plan, they only received Decline to Quotes (DTQs) from other medical and ancillary carriers. Secondly, APR™ won a large long-term contract to place Jet Propulsion Laboratory and one of the primary goals was to offer robust benefits plans to all the affiliates working on the contract currently and in the future. In addition, APR™ wanted to ensure a first-class onboarding experience and beyond.

MMA recommended implementing its proprietary EnrollSMART program to solve both challenges. EnrollSMART offers 1:1 enrollment meetings with benefits counselors to all APR™ eligible employees. In those meetings, each employee has an opportunity to better understand the range of benefits offered and enroll in additional voluntary benefits available to them. In addition, APR™ deployed new communications strategies that elevated their onboarding experience and resulted in higher employee engagement.

With a successful strategy in place, APR Consulting, Inc. accomplished:

  • More than double the enrollment in medical plans
  • Triple participation of voluntary and ancillary benefits
  • Benefits communication improvement
  • Positive feedback from new employees regarding transitioning to a new company and the EnrollSMART process

As a result, 77% of their employees voluntarily elected to speak to a benefits counselor and 98.6% now have a better understanding of benefit value provided by their employer. This has allowed APR™ to successfully lower risk and maximize health among employees.

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