As employee expectations continue to evolve post pandemic, companies are listening. And what they are hearing is that a significant driver for candidates and employees is a greater emphasis on finding purpose in their work. Smart companies are taking the time to understand these shifts and making human resources decisions that will attract and retain employees looking for more than a paycheck. Aligning company values to promote these expectations can increase productivity, engagement and willingness to recommend the organization to others. Here are a couple ways your organization can positively impact your employees:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Programs – Effective companies are advancing DE&I programs past awareness to integration. According to the recent Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA) 2023 Benefit Trends, creating a culture of inclusivity increases the likelihood of employees staying with a company by 47%.  Adding DE&I into day-to-day operations instead of viewing it as simply a responsibility of the HR department can lead to better success by directly impacting employees.

Empathy and Communication – Focusing on well-being and work-life balance has become the new starting place for employers who wish to set a more positive tone in the workplace. Empathy modeled by managers and supervisors has shown to reduce burnout and disengagement. Adopt a culture where supervisors regularly check-in with employees about their wellbeing. Companies should consider offering wellness programs and/or mental health support to demonstrate they care about their employees beyond work performance.

Companies can get ahead of potential issues and address shifting workforce expectations.  Since salary isn’t the only driving factor in the workplace anymore, focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives as well as empathy in your organization can create a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining top talent. Keep in mind that open and consistent communication is key to success.

To learn how you can offer inclusive benefits for your organization, contact an MMA advisor.

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