There has been a significant shift in employee demands, and supporting wellbeing is at the top of the list.  Due to the nature of the construction industry, this can be a challenge for employers who are looking for innovative strategies to address these demands. Employee wish lists include flexible work schedules, benefits to support mental health and promoting educational trainings to advance workers’ learning. However, offering a way to integrate work-life balance along with these other benefits is essential to stand out among competitors.

While most construction workers don’t have the ability to work remotely, offering a staggered work schedule, additional paid time off and part-time work options will help your workers feel they are experiencing a healthier work-life balance. Thinking outside the box to create a strategic benefits package is a meaningful way to attract and retain the best talent. Another way to set your construction company apart is to prioritize training and development which appeals to the newer generations. Certification programs will help workers excel in their roles and further their career and knowledge within the industry. These strategies also show your commitment to them and creating a safe work environment for all.

Construction companies who aim to address the growing shifts in employee expectations will find success in attracting and retaining talent in today’s competitive market. Providing a safe work environment that includes opportunities for career development and benefits that are attractive to all generations in the workforce will set your company apart. While health and wellness have become a growing trend across all industries, helping improve the lives of your workers will go a long way in giving your business a competitive advantage.

Check out our approach to wellbeing to promote a balanced lifestyle for your workers.

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