In 2008, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) created the five-star rating system for CMS certified nursing homes. There are three dimensions in which the homes are rated: health, staffing and quality. The system gives consumers, families and caregivers the opportunity to compare nursing homes safety and quality care.

A poor rating can create the perception of poor working conditions and staffing shortages. As the five-star rating system grows in popularity, it has become a key component in how homes are judged by both consumers and prospective employees.

Below are four strategies to improve your nursing home rating:

  1. Engage you leadership team – make sure you have commitment from leadership to improve ratings by continuously investing in resources provides year-round performance improvements.
  2. Keep up with regulatory changes – ensure stakeholder and necessary staff are aware of frequently changing home health regulations, protocols and compliance requirements. In January 2023, CMS updated the Five-Star Quality Rating System: Technical Users’ Guide.
  3. Boost employee participation and education – encourage employees to reinforce key performance indicators to be proactive and correct any deficiencies.
  4. Use the quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI) process – this process will ensure you are identifying and improving areas of concern.

The five-star rating is becoming more significant in the senior living industry and it is imperative your organization understands the process and how to continuously improve on your standing.

To learn more about five-star ratings, contact a member of our senior living practice.

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