Older buildings come with more maintenance needs than most. This could be anything from eroding brickwork to large stained-glass windows. These are not the typical property concerns that most real estate companies deal with.

A good property maintenance program can dramatically reduce an older building risk to claims. Likewise, a lack of one can increase your loss exposure. Here are a few basic ways to better maintain church property:

  1. Inspect the building’s sprinkler system. Many older buildings deal with costly water damage claims due to poor insulation when the weather gets cold.
  2. Inspect outside walls for eroding brick and mortar. Wearing brick and mortar can lead to weather related claims, as well as the risk of falling bricks.
  3. Inspect the electrical system to see when it was last updated. If the building has fuses, upgrade the electrical system to circuit breakers.
  4. Check the paint on and in the church. Keeping paint fresh can reduce the wear and tear of weathering on the walls.
  5. Look at the roof to see if there are weak or worn areas. Old surfaces and worn shingles can result in water damage and costly repairs.
  6. Walk the sidewalks and parking lot to see if there are any cracks or potholes. These can both lead to slip and fall accidents and leave you exposed to liability claims.
  7. Ensure the basement is equipped with a sump pump system. Particularly in areas with frequent rain and flooding, as this can help prevent unwanted water damage claims.
  8. Check your windows. If the building has stained glass, see if there’s any kind of covering or glazing over the windows to help protect them from damage.

For more information on property exposures, contact an MMA advisor.


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