Michelle Heller

Senior Client Service Representative

How did you end up in the insurance industry? 

Before entering in the insurance industry, I was a high school teacher and knew I needed to find a better career fit. My mom has always been in the insurance industry and I saw how she was able to have a great career and be a great mom. I started on our admin team so that I could shadow all of the teams to make sure I was happy with my next career, and I am so thankful I did because that’s how I found the employee benefits side of the insurance industry. 

How do you minimize risk and maximize health? 

I see risk and liability wherever I go and think through ways to mitigate it (I was the fun friend that wasn’t the risk taker because I was thinking about liability and deductibles). Now I get to take that energy and use it towards guiding members through their claims questions and issues. 

If you came with a warning label, what would it say? 

WARNING: I hope you like dogs because I’m about to show you a ton of picture of mine! 

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend? 

Going to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, running some errands, spending time with friends, going to church and then going for a nice hike or walk. If it’s football season, though, I’ll be napping on Sunday afternoon trying to watch the football games with my husband. 

What do you love most about MMA Midwest’s workplace culture? 

People from different departments are willing to help where they can and there is a culture of really caring about one another. I also like that there is a culture to promote within, which I have personally experienced twice now.