Kaley Orloff

Benefits Communication Manager

What was your first job? 

“Thank you for calling Applebees in Bolingbrook featuring Carside To-Go. This is Kaley. How can I help you?” 

How do you minimize risk and maximize health? 

I help our clients communicate with their employees about their benefits. This helps employees pick the best health plans for them and their families, utilize all their benefits, practice preventive care, save for retirement, use their benefits most effectively and so much more.   

If you came with a warning label, what would it say? 

WARNING: Rottweiler named Rhonda nearby.   

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend? 

  1. Drinking Dunkin’ coffee 
  1. Hanging out with my family 
  1. Exploring parks, fairs, fests, etc. with my daughter and my dog 
  1. Eating takeout and/or trying new recipes 
  1. Watching movies, sports, and any new bingeworthy series 

What do you love most of MMA Midwest’s workplace culture? 

Kind, helpful people and genuine colleague appreciation.