Diane Poljak


Tell us about your family: 

I’ve been married to my spouse, Don, since 2010. He’s a firefighter – for 20 years and counting! 

What was your first job? How did you end up in insurance? 

I had two first jobs. When I was a teenager, I was my dad’s assistant at his own plumbing company. I learned how to read blueprints and create plumbing proposals thanks to him! My second “first” job was at The Gap, making $4.25/hour!  

I always wanted to be a “businessperson” and work in an office, ever since I was little. I guess since my parents didn’t work in office environments, I found it intriguing. So insurance always made sense and I’d have it no other way! 

How would you describe your personal leadership philosophy and who or what had the greatest influence on it? 

My father taught me from a very early age to listen to a variety of perspectives – because you never know what you might learn and apply yourself one day. It made me a more well-rounded and open-minded professional. 

What’s your favorite hobby? 

Golf. I enjoy the fresh air, competitive nature and basic etiquette of the game. I was on the first women’s golf team in my high school – and have continued to play the sport since. 

What’s something you’ll never do again? 

Zipline. Once you do it, there really isn’t a need to do it again! 

What’s something few people know about you? 

I was born in Yugoslavia, where I lived for the first 16 months of my life before coming to the United States.