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Cyber criminals are looking to exploit any opportunity they can find no matter how large or small your business is. We bring your cyber risk liability into focus so you can see the exposure your business faces from every possible angle. With a sustainable and actionable plan in place, you’ll gain more confidence and a clearer view of your overall cyber risk posture.

Cyber Risk is real risk

Average Cost of Cyber Fraud: Medium-Sized Businesses
Social Engineering Incidents
Crises Services
Average Cost of Cyber Fraud: Medium-Sized Businesses
Social Engineering Incidents
Crises Services

Cyber Fraud is growing at an alarming rate. Is your business prepared?

Can you see the complete picture of how much a cyber-attack could cost your business? The rate at which cyber criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities across businesses of all sizes is growing exponentially. In fact, last year the number of data breaches increased by over 68%—and it’s rapidly picking up steam.

As the velocity of cyber security crime intensifies, MMA goes beyond arming you with the best coverage to keep your assets protected. We partner with you to ensure you’re able to see your cyber risk from every angle empowering your business to mitigate its impact effectively and remediate cyber incidents swiftly.

Our 3-point approach to Network and Information Security

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Prevention of network breaches and loss of data

MMA helps you avoid potential cyber liability, including:

  • Making privacy and security top priorities for your organization  
  • Providing you with guidance and analytics around looming threats and preparedness  
  • Helping you gain a better understanding of your exposure and amplification of due diligence processes when engaging in business partnerships and platforms  
  • Employing best practices and recommended frameworks to identify and implement network and system safeguards  
  • Conducting employee outreach and training around cyber risk and the importance of cybersecurity as a responsibility 

Preparation for cyber-attacks with a comprehensive Incident Response Plan

MMA works with your team to devise a plan of action that right for you so you can:

  • Assess and quantify the potential effects of cyber incident.  
  • Implement a tailored insurance program that aligns with existing policies and optimizes investment  
  • Execute your program partnering with MMA to walk you through every step of a cyber incident 
  • Recover and communicate effectively and efficiently after an incident occurs. 

Transfer risk through cyber insurance and effective contract management

MMA provides you with a holistic approach to network security, privacy, and technology risk solutions, including: 

Insurance Solutions 

  • Dedicated to delivering and maintaining best-in-class cyber insurance products.  
  • Deep collaboration on proprietary programs. 


  • Providing you with educational resources for your colleagues and clients.  
  • Delivering you keen insights into industry-specific challenges and solutions.  

Partnerships & Alliances 

  • We research and negotiate your access to top-tier loss mitigation, prevention, advisory, and incident response services.     


  • Committed to enhancing analytical solutions that support data-based decision making and strategy implementation.  

The right mix of Cyber Security protection

Cyber policies are divided into two major components, first-party coverage, and third-party liability. What does the right stand-alone cyber insurance policy look like for your business?

First-party coverage includes:

  • Breach Response:
    Includes notification, forensic, crisis management, legal, and credit monitoring coverages.

  • Data Replacement:
    Covers the cost to reinstall a company’s data.
  • Extortion:
    Pays the ransom as a result of a ransomware attack.

  • Business Interruption:
    Reimburses the company for lost income as a result of a system or security failure.
  • Dependent Business Interruption:
    Reimburses the company for lost income as a result of a third party’s system or security failure which the insured relies on to conduct business.
  • Reputational Harm:
    Covers financial damages for your business if customers leave after finding out about a cyber-attack.

  • Bricking:
    Covers the replacement of hardware due to complete and irreversible failure of a device, making it unusable.

  • Cybercrime:
    There are two types of cybercrime typically covered in a cyber policy, both typical have a sublimit of between $50K and $250K.

    • Fund Transfer Fraud – Covers an event where the hacker uses your computer system to access your bank account, making and unauthorized transfer of money without your knowledge. 
    • Social Engineering – Covers events where a hacker pretends to be a customer, vendor, or another employee/executive, tricking you into sending them money, typically via email. 

Third-party coverage liability includes:

  • Network and Privacy Liability:
    Provides defense and settlements for law suits brought against the insured from a third party who sustained harm as a result of the insured inability to secure the information on the network.
  • Media Liability:
    Provides defense and settlement for lawsuits brought by a third party for slander, liable, trademark, copywrite infringement.
  • Regulatory Defense:
    Provides defense for regulatory investigations as a result of a network breach.

“Marsh McLennan Agency is a genuine partner who not only helps us react quickly to security incidents and technical questions, but also works with us proactively to make sure our intellectual capital and our private customer data is as secure as possible.”

First Last Name, Chief Information Security Officer, Company Name

“Testimonial Two Marsh McLennan Agency is a genuine partner who not only helps us react quickly to security incidents and technical questions, but also works with us proactively to make sure our intellectual capital and our private customer data is as secure as possible.”

First Name Last Name, Chief Information Security Officer, Company Name
  • PRT Staffing successfully improves risk management with captive insurance program

    MMA is thrilled to award PRT Staffing the MRMH Award for their dedication to improve their risk management programs and overall the safety of their employees, which resulted in a 41% reduction in workers’ compensation rates.

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Frequently asked questions

Cyber insurance helps businesses recover from cyber incidents, such as data breaches and cyberattacks. These include cyberattacks on data held by vendors and other third parties and attacks on your network.   

Marsh McLennan Agency cybercrime coverage assists with incidents involving data breaches anywhere in the world, including reputation-based income loss, cyber extortion, data restoration, network interruption or extra expense, and more.  

Proactively protect your organization from various types of cybercrime, ransomware attacks, or cyber risk by choosing from our wide selection of cyber insurance policies. 

Marsh McLennan Agency offers a wide range of cyber insurance policies covering various cyber-related and liability-focused incidents. Their solutions include cybercrime, data restoration, extortion and ransomware coverage, incident investigation and response costs, media liability, network interruption and extra expense, privacy regulatory defense costs and fines coverage, reputation-based income loss, security and privacy liability, and more.

While any company can benefit from cyber insurance, organizations storing important data, large customer databases, or valuable digital assets should prioritize this type of insurance. Cybersecurity insurance helps protect your company, employees, and customer data from potential attacks, data breaches, social engineering, and cyber-threats.

Ransomware protection is often covered as part of a cyber liability insurance policy, but the coverage specifics can vary depending on the insurer. Some insurers offer standalone coverage to assist businesses dealing with ransomware attacks. For more information about ransomware protection and cyber defense solutions, consult Marsh McLennan Agency’s cybersecurity and cyber insurance specialists.