Four truths about workplace culture

What makes a company a Best Place to Work? Here’s a hint. It’s not ping-pong tables, free food, and crazy parties. These features are all objectively great and Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA), for one, wouldn’t be the same without them. But these are not what make a company culture great.

Here are four basic truths about award-winning company cultures:

1. It’s not about the perks (even though they’re still pretty sweet)

Top workplaces are those where employees trust their leaders, are proud of their work and company, and enjoy the people around them.

2. We actually work (like really hard)

Friends and family often ask our employees “if we ever actually do work.” We do. And the work is both immensely challenging and rewarding.

3. People aren’t magically happy

We face conflicts–probably at the same rate as any other organization. The difference between a great culture and a mediocre one is how you work through those conflicts.

4. You get what you give

At MMA, we look for “participative” employees because we know that the more an employee puts in, the more they’ll get out.

If you’re looking to build a great culture, you need to forge relationships between leaders and employees, between employees and their co-workers, and between employees and your company’s purpose.

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