Supporting Your Employees

It’s important for employers to make time for the mindfulness of their employees by helping them destress and decompress this holiday season. To celebrate the holidays, it’s essential for companies to emphasize the significance of taking time off to spend it with those they love. Offering robust mental health and wellness opportunities in the new year will set companies apart from others by recognizing the importance of their employee’s well-being.

One of the biggest ways employers are supporting employees this season is by organizing team-based initiatives to bring everyone together to help give back to the community while creating team building opportunities. Studies have shown the more companies bring their employees together for initiatives, the higher retention rate they will have within.

Celebrating Company Holidays

With most organizations back in person for in-office protocols and social gatherings, some have struggled to find activities for employees who have moved to other locations for a remote setting. Those who are choosing to host parties in person are finding ways to include everyone on their team to enjoy the fun. This has pushed employers to think outside of the box or work for a way to allow everyone to be acknowledged.

Some companies have lowered their budgets or gone fully remote due to COVID-19. Others are working hard to create ways to bring employees together to celebrate what they have endured and accomplished over the year. Employers believe that recognizing their employees in person with the company or team is a special way to acknowledge their accomplishments.

Management has been given the opportunity to create different efforts to express their appreciation through opportunities such as online gatherings or recognition events with contributions to their employees. With new ways to spread holiday cheer, it’s given companies the chance to create lasting relationships which increases moral and retention.

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