As employment rates steadily improve and competition tightens amongst staffing firms, finding new ways to appeal to top talent continues to be an ongoing challenge in the industry. With a new age of workers upon us, a new age of problems have surfaced as well.

Here are some of the growing concerns we’re hearing from staffing firms across the country right now:

  • High employee turnover
  • ACA compliance and fines
  • Benefit administration burdens
  • Employees are unable to afford proper coverage
  • Lack of useable benefit options that employees want
  • Health issues are impacting workers’ compensation claims

Staffing firms all over the United States are challenged with high employee turnover, ACA compliance, benefit administration burdens, and attracting and retaining talent, amongst a laundry list of other things. With competition kicking back into high gear, Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA) has helped implement a brand-new solution to offset these growing concerns.

Enter EmployerAdvantage

In a time when efficiency and cost-effectiveness is paramount to employers, EmployerAdvantage was created to answer the call for the staffing industry. As the exclusive broker with a long reach in the industry, MMA is confident this first of its kind weekly ACA program will revolutionize recruiting and administration for staffing firms across the country.

Providing Solutions

To put it simply, EmployerAdvantage mitigates your risk and increases your opportunities. This program offers true week-to-week full benefit options that are designed to appeal to your workforce to boost recruiting and reduce turnover.

EmployerAdvantage provides automated ACA benefits administration, onboarding, and compliance at no cost to you. In fact, this program will allow employers to leverage the ACA to retain profits by converting underwriting profits that would otherwise go to the insurance company.

Job candidates are becoming increasingly interested in benefit options which can make or break staffing firms when competing for top talent. With access to the onboarding portal, new hires will be auto matched to the most applicable, low-cost medical plan. All benefits are offered and processed automatically to streamline the administration process while setting your employees up with the right plan for them.

Is EmployerAdvantage a Fit for Your Firm?

Still unsure if EmployerAdvantage is the right move for your organization? The program was created with the staffing industry top of mind, but it can be implemented by other industries with similar benefits administration challenges. Please note that EmployerAdvantage is intended for hourly workers only, not core or internal staff, with a minimum of 500 eligible employees required.

EmployerAdvantage is being marketed exclusively to the staffing industry by SISCO, MMA and BenefitElect. Questions? Please be sure to contact an MMA advisor right away to learn more about this program that’s revolutionizing the industry.

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