Brower Insurance founded in Dayton, Ohio, to bring insurance and risk management expertise to the area.

Brower expanded across the state, opening offices in Loveland, Columbus and Springfield, providing clients access to Business Insurance, Employee Health & Benefits, Surety, Retirement Services, HR Consulting and more.

Assurance Agency founded in Chicagoland. Growing over the next four decades, Assurance became one of the nation’s largest independent insurance agencies and perhaps the most awarded and recognized workplace culture in insurance.

Assurance committed to becoming a place where our colleagues would be excited to come to work. In a tradition that stands today, we introduced our first Annual Theme song to communicate that vision to our people. Perhaps the cheesiest song of all time, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” literally got our people singing the same tune. It inspired a mindset that persists today, with the local, regional and national workplace culture accolades to prove it.

Marsh McLennan Agency founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsh, one of the largest insurance broker in the world, to bring together the best local agencies and experts and empower them with the global resources of Marsh McLennan.

Simultaneously, and building on our cultural vision, Assurance introduced its Assurance Caring Together program (ACT), now MMA Cares, to give back to our communities. Led by the colleague volunteers of our Cares Committee, we give all our colleagues a paid day off to volunteer – and make it easy to do so by organizing dozens of volunteer events specifically for our people. That comes on top of donating six-figure sums each year to charities selected by our committee and matching all colleague donations up to $1,000/year.

Assurance introduced its “Eye of the Tiger” wellness program to inspire healthier living for our people, and to serve as our own best client. Today, colleagues can earn up to $750 per year through this program by practicing preventative care, living an active lifestyle, participating in challenges and more.

Brower Insurance and its 150+ colleagues join Marsh McLennan Agency, establishing its presence in the Midwest, followed soon by Kinker-Eveleigh Insurance Agency and Benefits Resource Group.

Assurance introduced our core passion that inspires us every day: Minimizing risk. Maximizing health. 

With it as our guide, we’ve built our robust suite of risk services to make workplaces safer, employees healthier and organizations more financially secure.

Assurance and its 600+ colleagues join Marsh McLennan Agency, becoming the new regional headquarters and bringing a relentless focus on client improvement, new industry expertise and a robust client service platform to the Midwest.

CS Insurance Strategies, the largest minority-owned broker in Illinois, joins Marsh McLennan Agency, bringing new expertise in municipal, non-profit and minority-owned businesses, to the Midwest Region.