To keep up with the changing times, the senior living sector has been forced to readjust and innovate in order to set itself up for success in the years to come. With these changes comes a new advancement: rapid MedTech innovation that streamlines operations and enhances the elderly care experience in the senior living sector.

The advancements we’ve seen in senior living over the past year have been countless, but many of them boil down to boosting the efficacy of 2 fundamental technologies: telehealth and virtual companionship.

The telehealth renaissance in senior care

The rapid advancement of telehealth administration has been nothing short of extraordinary. CMS has made aggressive regulatory changes that expand reimbursement eligibility for telehealth services across the country, which, according to Senior Housing News columnist Tim Regan, “opened the telehealth floodgates.”

Senior living communities are pouring resources into purchasing new tech, training staff, and restructuring operations to accommodate sophisticated telehealth programs. These efforts rapidly brought about a renaissance in how technology can be used to enhance how communities provide quality care virtually.

Several CMS administrators have indicated possible support for CMS Telehealth waivers will continue to increase, so communities are being driven to plan as if telehealth is here to stay.

Addressing senior isolation with virtual companionship

For senior living decisionmakers and staff, the impact of isolation on senior health has been challenging to deal with. Seniors have become increasingly isolated from their relatives and the loneliness epidemic among the elderly has been at an all-time high.

Many MedTech companies are developing AI-based devices that provide companionship to seniors when in-person contact with loved ones isn’t possible. These easy-to-use devices make voice assistant caregiving possible, potentially providing senior living residents with light conversation, reminders, suggestions, and activities to keep them engaged throughout the day. Some technologies like Constant Companion even integrate with Amazon Echo devices, compiling and analyzing a resident’s engagement data so they can be instantly accessed by community caregivers and/or relatives.

Constant Companion president and CEO Mark Gray elaborated on the senior-centered technology in a press release: “Along with being able to call for help in an emergency, our Companion technology helps seniors stay engaged with their community, friends and family, reducing social isolation and improving their overall quality of life.”

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