Leaders have begun to re-evaluate the way their workforces are being managed. As a result, many HR professionals are reviewing their current HR and payroll technology solutions.

If your organization has had discussions in the past about a possible change or have experienced discontent with a current vendor, now is the time to review and begin vetting alternative options.

Here are a few additional reasons to review your current HR tools:

Employee Paper Processes

Organizations that are still using paper processes have likely experienced recent challenges related to recruitment, onboarding, and benefit enrollments. Moving to a fully online recruitment solution and eliminating any paper applications or documents will help alleviate these challenges in the future.

Remote Employees

Remote work arrangements are now a long-term option for many organizations. Remote work reduces commute time, provides more flexibility to employees, and enhances work/life balance. Organizations offering remote work will need to ensure their HR processes and systems are able to support this new way of working. HR leaders should review their current systems that support benefits information and education, online paystubs, telehealth solutions, and more.

Training and Education

Learning management systems are invaluable to organizations as they can continue to support an organization’s education, certification requirements, annual performance, and employee professional growth. Online learning allows employees to take courses when it’s most convenient to them, and management is able to pull status reports. These tools have proven beneficial with the increase of remote work. Employers have been able to educate employees on the virus and share the steps they’re taking to keep their employees safe.

Time and Attendance

Organizations will be looking for alternatives to current processes that are no longer up to date. For example, mobile or desktop solutions can replace a shared time clock kiosk that employees previously used to punch in and out of work.

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