We all are familiar with what a safe construction jobsite looks like. But do you know what does a healthy construction site looks like?

Over the past two years, employee health has been thrust into the spotlight with the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does it look like on the jobsite?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has improved health conditions on jobsites, but they concentrate on occupational hazards rather than the personal choices and habits of individuals.

Think about some of the potentially unhealthy conditions construction workers are exposed to for a minute: weather and temperature extremes, body clock and fatigue issues due to long working hours, unhealthy eating habits and tobacco use, unsanitary conditions, and lack of hand washing facilities, to name a few.

If construction companies could improve the overall health of the workers on construction sites, what does that really mean? What would be the costs and benefits? The main benefit would be to provide your hard-working employees who endure physically demanding jobs with a choice of a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, when your employees are encouraged to make small habit changes, they are likely to have less days away from work due to illness or injury and improved productivity and longevity in their chosen occupation.

As you will see from the infographic below, the six identified healthy changes would not cost a lot of time or money. They are simply providing better choices and options as well as setting some guidelines for a healthier lifestyle for your workers.

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