These past few years have taken a toll on most people. New challenges have pushed many employees to understand which benefits they find most important in the workplace. We recently conducted a LinkedIn survey asking our followers, “Reflecting on the previous year, what would be the most important feature of your next job?”

The highest ranked response from our survey involved having a remote work option, with 51% of participants selecting this as the most important benefit. Throughout the pandemic, employees have proven their ability to successfully get their work done in different environments. It’s given many people the opportunity to show they can balance their social and work life while also increasing their productivity. In a recent blog, we explored how employers are working to maintain a strong company culture in remote work models. COVID-19 has changed the view of a typical workplace environment as many employers are now implementing a hybrid workplace to give individuals both remote options and in-office options.

The second highest response focused on having supportive leadership (34%). Leadership can either make or break a company’s culture based on the management style they exemplify to their employees. It can either push individuals to work hard for their success or can demotivate employees if there isn’t a supportive management team behind them. As the pandemic has pushed many to a breaking point with their mental health, exemplifying strong and supportive leadership can help increase employee engagement and overall well-being. In a recent blog, we share strategies for how leadership can help raise awareness and support employees mental and behavioral well-being in the workplace.

Employers have put a strong focus on retaining talent over the past year, and the first step to accomplishing that goal is understanding what your employees value the most. Our LinkedIn survey helped confirm how employees rank their benefits and what they would be looking for in a company if they were to receive a new job offer. The pandemic has defined a different version of what a typical workplace environment is, and employers that lean into these new ways of work will be able to keep their workforces engaged.
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