Have you ever wondered: “What would we do if we had a disaster? Or, have you asked yourself, “What steps would we take to make sure we get through the event in the quickest way possible?”

These are common thoughts for many property owners, managers, and tenants. The problem is many just think about it, rather than acting on a plan. When you’re faced with a disaster, things get hectic, and emotions take over. With the proper planning, the loss can be a bit less devastating.

A disaster restoration and business continuity plan is designed to help you get your business back with clearly laid out plans. Here are a few recommendations that may help when putting together your continuity plan:

  1. Set goals for what you want to accomplish within your plan. For example, establish answers to questions like: “Where do we relocate?” and “Who should I partner with?”. These kinds of questions are a great place to start.
  2. Seek out a reputable disaster restoration company that offers disaster and continuity planning.
  3. Develop an action plan for each type of disaster. This helps a potential contractor understand what’s needed and how to begin work immediately following a disaster. Many contractors will do a survey of the property and gather information such as number of entrances, exits, elevators, and more. They’ll then know what type of equipment is needed and how much to bring after a particular catastrophe.
  4. Ensure everyone from management to maintenance is familiar with and understands the plan that’s been made.

Whether you manage or own one building or 500, a proactive disaster restoration and business continuity plan can significantly reduce the effects of a loss. MMA works with partners who can assist in developing these types of plans. Learn more about crisis management and disaster response strategies to protect your business by contacting an MMA Advisor today.

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