decrease in claims costs
EMR improvement
decrease in overall claims

A note from McShane Construction Company

Our organization has doubled in payroll, but what’s more impressive is that our premium costs haven’t increased. That’s because our team has done a great job in implementing programs that keep safety a top priority in each community. We look forward to continuing to exceed our own expectations and make safety an important part of everyone’s day.

Steve Miller, President | Bridgemark Healthcare

Bridgemark Healthcare MRMH Award Story

Bridgemark Healthcare/Helia Healthcare is a leader in providing Senior Living and Healthcare Services throughout Illinois and Missouri. Bridgemark had a high frequency of claims with significant losses due to common slips, falls, and lower back/shoulder strains from lifting residents. Partnering with Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA), they implemented a safety plan to reduce claims and improve workplace safety while Bridgemark Healthcare focused on growing a safety culture within their organization.

To reduce claims and minimize risk in the workplace, an MMA Safety Consultant and the Bridgemark Regional Operations team designed an all-encompassing safety program that would allow employees to gain safety knowledge, accountability, and uniformity across all locations. The multi-faceted plan gave Bridgemark the ability to tangibly measure future results, lower workplace risk, and maximize health among employees and residents.

Over a three-year period, Bridgemark Healthcare reduced their claim costs by 75%, improved their Experience Modification Rating by 25%, and experienced a 68% decrease in overall claims. Having greater control over all claims and company-wide safety has allowed Bridgemark the ability to focus on growing their safety culture.

Key steps taken

Employee Training and Education

The programs MMA and Bridgemark developed and implemented included:

  • Educational safety webinars and seminars for each employee to complete annually and at employee orientation
  • Safe Resident Handling and Transfer Program

Safety Policies and Procedures

  • Safety committees
  • Employee Fall Prevention Program
  • Web-based screening
  • Pre-employment and post-accident drug policies

Claims Management and Monitoring

  • Proper claims policies
  • Revamped claims tracking and financial trending systems
  • Quarterly reviews

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