Staffing firms that place employees in the hospitality industry must address the risk of slip, trip and fall (STF) incidents. Many aspects of food and beverage service and housekeeping in this industry increases the likelihood of falls. Factors such as spilled liquids, wet or slippery floors, and the fast pace of service work all contribute to STF risk.

Staffing firms need to be concerned not only with the safety of their employees, but also the steps to mitigate the risks of third party STF. Staffing firms can be held responsible for injuries sustained by guests or other workers falling. For example, if a housekeeping staff member fails to properly display warning signage, leading to a slip and fall, a claim can be made against the staffing agency’s general liability policy.

While every STF may not be preventable, proactive measures can help avoid many incidents. Staffing firms should partner with their clients to establish proper protocols that minimize risk and encourage adherence to good practices. A proper safety orientation as part of the employee onboarding process, focusing on identified risks, is key to raise awareness of the hazards that workers can encounter during their work assignment. Additionally, conducting regular client site safety visits, allows the staffing firm to identify and address potential exposures.

To minimize STF incidents, consider implementing the following programs:

  • Written procedures dictating how to handle spills, including reporting and immediate clean up.
  • Use of absorbent matting in entrance ways during bad weather.
  • Maintenance of good housekeeping practices to ensure cleaning is done correctly using the right products and equipment.
  • Conducting periodic walkthrough inspections to help identify and correct STF hazards in working and walking areas.
  • Educating employees on STF hazards and encourage them to help prevent, identify, and report hazards.

To further mitigate these risks, staffing firms can conduct specialized training geared towards the prevention of STF in hospitality settings, as well as promoting good housekeeping in the workplace. If you have any questions regarding STF incidents and how to mitigate these risks, please contact a Marsh McLennan Agency consultant.

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