Providing union construction workers with added benefits such as wellness programs can improve the overall work experience and wellbeing of workers. Creating a culture of wellbeing can lead to increased employee engagement and improvement in attracting and retaining top talent.

Here are some things to consider when creating a wellness program for union workers in construction:

  1. Survey both union and non-union population to better understand wellness needs and interests and learn what motivates them.
  2. Develop a three-to-five-year strategy that supports the wellbeing needs of union and non-union participants.
  3. Avoid a siloed approach to a wellbeing program where union employees only have access to certain initiatives. The program should be all-inclusive.
  4. Prioritize and integrate mental wellbeing resources and education for union and non-union employees
  5. Develop an incentive model where union employees also have the ability to be rewarded for their health and wellbeing efforts.
  6. Maintain a strong communication strategy that enables participation and engagement.
  7. Ensure that varying dimensions of wellbeing are present within the program (physical, mental, social, financial, etc).
  8. Make accessibility a non-issue with mobile friendly wellness resources and wellness microsites that can be accessed on and off the jobsite for ongoing support.

Integrating wellness into construction union benefits will show support for employees’ wellbeing overall, leading to a more engaged workforce.

For more information on wellness programs, contact a member of our wellness team.

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