Safety 360 Analysis

MMA conducted two Safety 360 analyses. The first analysis aimed to provide feedback on key risk improvement strategies that Midway should prioritize and implement. The second analysis was conducted to verify the progress made and identify areas for further improvement.

Risk Management

MMA provided valuable guidance in restructuring different TPAs (Third Party Administrators) to align more effectively with Midway Staffing’s philosophies. Additionally, MMA collaborated with Midway Staffing’s risk management department to develop strategies and advocate for optimal claim outcomes.

Persuading Claim Adjusters

MMA successfully persuaded claim adjusters and their respective TPAs to authorize external managed care bill review for specific cases. This initiative aimed to ensure proper review and management of medical bills, leading to more efficient and cost-effective claim outcomes.

Employee Benefit Communication

MMA assisted in adopting a face-based approach to effectively communicate the benefits of default enrollment into a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) product. They also provided information on the options available for more comprehensive employee benefit and health plans. This approach aimed to improve employee understanding and engagement with their benefit options.